Rehab Alliance has provided therapy services to skilled nursing facilities for over 40 years.  Our team of therapy experts optimizes clinical care and outcomes in both short-term programs and long-term populations.


Our on-site Director of Rehab is provided to participate as a key member of your facility’s management team.  Our team of experts utilize our technology and reimbursement expertise to work with you to ensure that each patient receives a comprehensive assessment and has accurate diagnostic coding and correct ADL scoring.  Rehab Alliance trains our Rehab Directors to understand and assist our clients in optimizing both Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and to understand that nursing rules differ from therapy rules with respect to generating supporting documentation.


PDPM Coding Solutions

Unique to Rehab Alliance, our partners can benefit from a number of our ancillary, supportive services.

Respiratory Therapy and MDS Scrubbing Services

Respiratory Assist

An Optical Scanning Software specifically developed to support our clients with timely and accurate Respiratory Therapy identification and management including Education & Competencies, Real-Time Patient Identification, Daily MAR/TAR Scrubbing, and Quantified Monthly Reporting.

MDS Suite of Services 


Hospital Record Scrubbing: Review of records within 24 hours of admission with daily communication regarding PDPM items.

Triple Check/UB-04 Review: Review of every UB-04 prior to billing to ensure documentation supports all reimbursement qualifiers coded.

Quality Measure & Five Star Review

Monthly conference calls to review and ensure quality measures are being reported based on the quality of care provided.


Education on topics such as MDS coding, PDPM, CMI, ADL scoring, Quality Measures, HMO Case Management, etc