Qualifications of Staff

At Rehab Alliance, we strive to elevate therapy services to a new level.

We do this by recruiting and maintaining a high level of qualified staff members who are skilled and committed to customizing care for each individual patient, while assisting our partners in navigating the rapidly changing world of reimbursements as well as regulatory changes.

Today, Rehab Alliance partners with a diversified portfolio of providers who span the care continuum: Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, CCRCs, Independent & Assisted Living Communities.

It is our highly skilled Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Certified Assistants, Rehab Technicians and Transporters who help us drive exceptional, care experiences and positive outcomes. Rehab Alliance is known for their longevity of staff and on-going staff education, training and clinical competencies. 

Experts in Rehabilitation

Our dedicated on-site facility supervisors are trained to oversee clinical programs and all rehab department operations.  In addition, our experienced Regional Managers perform regular on-site quality control visits, auditing and training.  Regional Managers are RAC-certified and their level of expertise and proactive approach to the changes in the healthcare industry has earned us widespread recognition as a leader in rehabilitation management services.

No Cost SNF Analysis

We have 30+ years of experience as a therapy provider and partner. Let us show you what Rehab Alliance can do for your business.


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